Zeta – Live as an Italian

Live as an Italian

Sweden’s most Italian food brand wanted our help to increase volume in store and strengthen the Italian heritage. This applied to both colonial products, like pasta and olive oil, as well as cold delicacies like cheese and charcuteries, and the main channel was the store. Their wide assortment of Mediterranean delicacies favour inspiring POS material and special exposures in store.

Retail United created the concept “Live as an Italian” and produced an inspirational leaflet with recipes for each day of the week linked to an Italian region. The folder also contained a guide to how to live as a true resident of the seven regions every day of the week. In this way, we strengthened Zeta’s origins.

In order to create even greater interest during the period, we also produced the autumn’s most Italian competition together with Fiat on Facebook. The Italian car brand was enthusiastic about this cross promotion and offered communication space in the car halls. Everyone who tested a Fiat also got a goodiebag from Zeta. All FB users could participate by telling how their everyday life in Italy could look like. The prize was a brand new Fiat 500, Italy’s pride.

The campaign lasted for ten weeks and during the first week 299 people competed and 210 customers became new subscribers of Zeta’s newsletter.