ATG – Mustaschkampen

Supporting The Mustache Fight – ”Mustaschkampen”

Prostate cancer is Sweden’s most common form of cancer, and Mustaschkampen is the recurring campaign that mixes humor with seriousness to raise money for research, development and better care, as well as spread knowledge about prostate cancer. Knowledge about the subject is sadly enough incredibly low, surprisingly many people don’t even know where the prostate is located.

ATG turned to Retail United to reinforce the campaign and increase sales of Harry Boy in store. Limited edition Mustache-Harry Boy were offered, where 10% went to Mustaschkampen when buying a Mustache-Harry Boy for SEK 100, 200 or 300.

We created in-store events (manned and unmanned) to boost sales of Mustasch-Harry Boy and support recruitment, commitment and increase awareness of prostate cancer and Mustaschkampen.

We also attended ”The mustache mile” – a race on site at Djurgården, to highlight the importance of an active life for better health while also spreading knowledge about Mustaschkampen.

Results? Well, with a sales increase of over 400%, we’re quite satisfied!

The campaign were followed up with letters, diplomas and mustache candy handed out to the participating stores, thanking them for their effort in the fight against prostate cancer.