We offer you a full-service solution for your retail business.

Our offer

At Retail United we combine our expertise with the latest research and upcoming trends in order to get your product in the home of your customer, via the store shelf. We believe that it is important to adapt to the needs of every customer and we support you in every area you might need us.

Based on your requires we offer you broad expertise throughout the whole process as well as within specific parts of it. We offer you support and help in creating a foundation and a competitive strategy from which your marketing efforts can reach the intended effects in stores. And when you already have a foundation and communication to build upon, we help you reach the customers and get your product in their shopping bags.



Simply put, strategy is the company’s game plan for achieving its long-run objectives, outlining how to play. This, in turn, requires a solid understanding of the playing field and access to insightful analysis that matters and that you can act on becomes vital.

We help you to make strategic choices and take concrete actions based on insights and a fact-based understanding of your reality – looking at internal capabilities, the retail landscape, competitors’ behavior and consumer demand.

Over the years, we have performed strategy engagements in various product segments and for many different type of clients including suppliers, distributors, retailers, service providers and private equity companies.
Among our products
  • Every retail company’s success is decided at the moment of purchase. Knowing your customer is essential.

    We help you to understand the end-market, regardless of whether it is current or potential customers. We believe in a flexible approach as insight only becomes useful when it is customized to your needs, hence choice of methodology depends on the question at hand. We have run everything from labs, focus groups, observations, tracking, exit interviews to web surveys.

  • We help retailers and brands to understand their position, strengths and weaknesses in online and physical stores.

    Our analysis focus on potential and specifically the drivers of sales including areas such as sales skills, visibility, activation, information, price and availability. The analysis can be performed focusing solely on your company or relatively versus your competitors.

    Based on performed analysis, recommendations and action plans are crafted to drive sales by leveraging opportunities and neutralizing weaknesses in your current business.
  • Mystery shopping is an excellent tool that enables retailers and brands to understand their performance at the most important touch points along the customer path to purchase. Unfortunately, traditional mystery shopping is often too simple and frequently used to monitor more than to develop the business.

    We offer online mystery shopping as well as mystery shopping in physical stores with the ambition to create improvements in your current business. This requires more than smart search technology and observations. This requires knowledge about the industry, ability to do the analysis and ability to provide the right recommendations. We are not content just to pass on information, we want to provide you with insights and create results. Read more.
  • We develop and produce web based training solutions, and design them to be highly informative and engaging to ensure high knowledge transfer and outstanding training outcomes. Read more.



At Retail United, we are passionate about pushing sales and increase brand awareness, both short and long term. Therefore we create seamless advertising and communication at the same time as you build and strengthen your brand.

Our creative processes often results in marketing campaigns, trade & action marketing campaigns as well as design and sales concepts. But our expertise does not end there, if you’re in need of anything else, we are always eager to find the right solution for you.
Among our products
  • We will help you build brand awareness before the customer visits the store. By creating the right associations to your brand, we will build interest and create a willingness to buy, as we keep your brand top of mind.
  • In order to get the customer to select your product and brand, it needs to stand out. By making sure that your brand is visible for the customer in store, we will help you strengthen your brand and increase sales.
  • We develop and design packaging ideas to create customer interest and involvement. Everything to increase brand interest and activate your product in the moment of purchase, helping you build a relationship with the customer.



In order to get the most out of your marketing investments we guarantee your strategy and communication reaches the store in order to impact the customer. By offering a large pool of dedicated sellers and event staff we make sure your brand reaches and interact with your customer on a daily basis. Based on your specific needs we also recruit skilled co-workers and educate them in order to ensure you the best effects.
Among our products
  • Our field force coaches and educates sellers to store managers in order to maximize the value of your product in store. On a daily basis they work to make sure your product is communicated in the right and most profitable way.
  • Having the right salesperson in the right place is a crucial factor for today’s employers at the same time as the competition for the really good ones intensifies. Finding the right person requires understanding and commitment. We offer you a first-class recruitment process, broad networks and efficient channels. We work quickly and provide you with only the best candidates that the market has to offer. Read more.
  • We ensure the demo in store communicates your brand in the best possible way and thereby increases sales. By pairing eye catching communication with knowledgeable staff, we make sure that you increase your brand awareness and customer satisfaction.
  • To further build your brand and create customer involvement in a creative way, we create eye catching events out of the store and help you reach new customers as well as increasing brand loyalty.