Sibylla – Pockit

Launch of Sibylla Pockit

Sibylla, one of Sweden’s oldest and most popular brands, have provided hungry Swedes with tasty food on the go from roadside restaurants and kiosks since 1932. And even though we still like to treat ourselves to hot dogs and burgers now and then, trends are shifting and Sibylla saw the need to offer their guests a broader choice and new products with a healthier twist.

Sibylla Pockit is a pocket of warm bread, filled with vegetables and your choice of proteins and sauces assembled on demand, ensuring both freshness and optimal taste. 

Retail United were asked to help Sibylla with the launch of this fast food revolution in Sweden and Poland. Our work resulted in a communication and design concept, containing mouthwatering menus, POS-materials, print advertising and social media posts. We Pockit – You enjoy!