ATG – The Talent Scout

The Talent Scout

When we were asked to help ATG launch their new top football betting game Big 9 ® in betting shops around Sweden, we worked with two main objectives.    

The first one was to encourage betting shop staff to learn more about the new game and transfer that knowledge on to their customers. The second was to motivate the staff to increase and improve their customer contact, leading to a boost in sales and of course happier customers.   
Enter ”The Talent Scout” – an offline training program in the form of different efforts that helped the staff in betting shops secure knowledge about the new Big 9 betting game.    
Via short movies and printed material that was delivered to them, staff in approximately 800 betting shops were prepped with training on how to present and explain Big 9 to their customers. The material also informed them of the mysterious Talent Scout that could visit their store at any time posing as ordinary customer to check their knowledge of Big 9. Those who presented Big 9 in the correct way when The Talent Scout came to call were rewarded instantly with a gift card and a medal. 
The campaign was a great success and warmly received by staff at betting shops all over Sweden. An impressive 94% managed to present and explain Big 9 in accordance with their training when the Talent Scout visited their shop.