Bjurfors – NK Campaign

NK Campaign

Bjurfors Stockholm wanted to try a new approach to reaching a larger group of potential customers. The goal of the campaign was to increase the number of valuations, since this is the first step when creating contact with a customer.

In order to boost the communication, a prize in the form of a gift card of 500 SEK at NK was added to those who conducted a valuation with Bjurfors. In order to get a quick connection to NK and fashion we used the classic mannequin with something from NK worth a maximum of 500 kr. Through straight message headlines and Bjurfors’s form of expression, the brand remained clear despite the fashion direction. The offer was communicated in print ads, digital advertising and in the signage window at the main store on St Eriksgatan.

The effect was explosive. During the first 24 hours, 34 valuations were booked. After 48 hours, the number of values ​​doubled. The campaign became Bjurfors Stockholm’s most successful ever and the result was 631% above the set target.