To keep up, the retail industry need to change the traditional way of thinking

Our goal is to be the leading retail agency in the Nordics.

Retail United is the result of the fusion between former advertising agency Locomotiv, sales support company Brand Support and Agenda Retail Group. We launched Retail United on the first of January 2015, with the goal of becoming the leading retail agency in the Nordics.

Changing customer behavior and global competition mean that the retail industry is facing major changes. As e-commerce is booming, company growth in physical stores has declined.

But we don’t see traditional brick and mortar stores dying. We are convinced however, that they will need to move fast in adapting to meet new customer needs and retain loyalty. That they need to switch from a transactional objective to being a tool for brand building and brand awareness, and an important platform for growing sustainable customer relationships. The customer of tomorrow will constantly ask themselves “why buy now?” and “why buy here?”.

We help our clients understand, navigate and succeed in this new retail landscape. We do that with a unique offer of insight, strategy, communication and advertising, and the help of more than 220 sales representatives spread over the Nordics and Baltics.