Per Grankvist – Consumer Trends

Per Grankvist – Consumer Trends

Per Grankvist – Consumer trends
At one of our breakfast seminars we invited Contemporary Analysts and Writer Per Grankvist to talk about today’s consumer trends and consumer’s increasing interest in creating a better world. 

The store as a recycling center
Both consumers, brands and physical stores have discovered the value in taking a larger environmental responsibility. Recycling is not only giving a positiv effect in the world, it is also a way to increase sales and building a stronger brand. How can you use this to your advantage? Is it possible for you to recycle or sell old products? Or can you repair your products to keep up with this trend? We believe the future of retail is growing stronger in environmental solutions and there are many ways to use this to improve your business. 

Access triumphs owning
As a consumer it is no longer as important to own things, as it is to access things. No matter if it is regarding a screw driver, a bike or a car. Flexibility and convenience are key words and we reach them by finding smart solutions. What do you have that you can lease to consumers? Or can you as a brand share a solution with another brand, maybe even a competitor? 

Out with the old
The mentioned trends are only a few of many showing the changes which the retail business is going through right now. The old ways are gone – and we must keep up with the new. The stores and brand communications must change to satisfy the consumers new life styles. We have to create a space where consumers are inspired – but also keeping them active. 

We hope you are now inspired to find out more about how your business can not only keep up with the trends – but also take a leading position in the changes to come. If you want to know more, please visit us for a cup of coffee and we will take it from there.