Risenta – Love Breakfast

Love Breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, we are all creatures of habit. Most of us eat the same thing for breakfast every single day. Therefore, loyalty to brands is strong in this category, and routine poses the biggest challenge in store. Once they’re there, consumers forget to buy what they want – and go for what they find and remember instead.

Risenta is a well-known brand with a strong health position within breakfast, and a good position in the muesli category. But in order to be even more successful we needed to help the consumers to break their habits and change their morning routine.

To that end, we developed a category communication concept for breakfast for Risenta’s muesli and granola, to both interrupt and inspire the shoppers and their shopping behaviour. The campaign, built on love and care (for breakfast and for your loved ones), was aimed at helping shoppers inside the category discover the range and benefits of a tasty Risenta breakfast.

The first (ongoing) campaign has been launched in store combined with social media, in-store TV, and print advertisement.