Philadelphia – The Cheesecake Challenge

The Cheesecake Challenge

Philadelphia’s challenge was their loss of volume in the “home baker” segment. Too few home bakers bake cheesecakes even though they like it, and it effects Philadelphia negatively. The goal of the campaign was, in an inspiring way, increase awareness and remind the customers how amazing a cheesecake can be.

We created the concept “The Philadelphia Cheesecake Challenge”: an Instagram Competition with an attractive price which inspired to bake and remind the consumer of how delicious Cheesecake is. The price in all Nordic countries was a home-visit by a professional pastry chef. At the same time, the campaign was active in store to reach maximum value.

With the Philadelphia Cheesecake Challenge we managed to activate the brand outside the store and get more home-bakers to start baking cheesecakes again. Cheesecake Challenge inspired nearly 400 people to bake, shoot, post and compete with their best cheesecake at Instagram.