Johnson & Johnson – The Cold Expert

The Cold Expert

Johnson & Johnson provides all products that can help a customer relieve all symptoms of a cold. Considering that 74% of all Swedish adults suffer from colds yearly, the potential of sales is high. We were assigned to develop a communicative approach that positioned Johnson & Johnson as a ”cold-expert” while pedagogically teaching the customer how their products can help to relieve the painful cold symptoms.

The common customer does not know that a cold has different phases. In order to map the process, we divided the cold into four different phases: aches and fever, sore throat, nasal congestion and sniffing and coughing.

We focused on these four phases through the concept of the “Cold-Expert”. Each phase and its symptoms got a number and got linked to the right product. In this way we managed to repackage products without making a whole new package, which is sensitive in drug communication.

Thanks to the concept, made both for the pharmacies and the personnel, we deepened the knowledge of the four phases. The ”cold-expert” also increased the opportunity for the customer to be prepared before the cold season. Johnson & Johnson managed to fill more medical cabinets and turned customers into real cold experts as well.